A station wagon referred to in the EC vehicle classes, the Body M1 AC, so closed passenger cars with an enlarged interior rear. In addition to classic station wagons including taking vehicles with hatchbacks and tailgate, which allows access to the interior of the vehicle, as well as many off-road vehicles ( M1G ). In particular, this term is restricted to the second type, it represents a hybrid of the sedan and wagon


In the German version is the official definition: Category M1: Vehicles used for the carriage of passengers comprising more than eight seats excluding the driver's seat ( colloquially cars and campers) Body AC: closed, with an enlarged interior rear, fixed roof and corresponding fixed columns, with at least 4 seats in at least two rows of seats (seats in second row of seats can be folded down or removed to enlarge the cargo area ), two or four doors and a hatchback and four or more side windows

Term development and importance

The term was coined in the 1960s, when the first Station Wagons from France emerged as the Renault 16 (1965). In Germany, the triumph of the station wagon with the launch of the VW Passat (1973) and the VW Golf (1974 ) began. In the small car and compact class, the Station Wagons replaced since then, mostly the usual until the 1970s sedans. In the upper middle class they could with a few exceptions, but not enforce.

The station wagon, the tailgate is counted in the German language in many sources such as the Kombi as an additional door, so that one - speaks of three or five-door versions - depending on the number of doors. Yet other sources designate the vehicles in question as a two - or four-door hatchback.

If a three-door hatchback vehicle not developed from a sedan, but a coupe, one speaks of a combi coupe.

Mazda 626 (1983)

In English

In the English speaking world is known as a station wagon hatchback or even just as a hatch ( hatch ( en. ) = flap ( dt ) ). As with the combined focus there is the tailgate but not as a door. One speaks of the 2 door hatchback or 4 door hatchback.