Autobianchi Primula

Autobianchi Primula

The Autobianchi Primula is a 1964-1970 manufactured model of the lower middle class of the Italian car manufacturer Autobianchi, which belonged to the Fiat Group. The car was designed by Dante Giacosa.

At the Turin Motor Show in 1964 Autobianchi Primula than previously presented the largest model of the brand and the first front-engine, front-wheel drive. She was the first front-wheel drive car of the Fiat Group. The drive concept with transverse engine, adjacent transmission and unequal length drive shafts has been copied today by almost all manufacturers. The New were the unequal length drive shafts, transverse engine, there was earlier. The front wheels were independently suspended on a transverse leaf spring and wishbones up below. The transverse leaf spring was supported at two points and looked so as stabilizer. Back was installed a rigid axle on semi-elliptic leaf springs. On all wheels were disc brakes.

Two - and four-door hatchbacks were offered with or without a large tailgate as well as a system developed by the Carrozzeria Touring hatchback coupe. The 1221 cc, inline four- cylinder engine came from the Fiat 1100 D and 1968 was replaced by the new 1.2-liter engine from the Fiat 124; in the Coupe now did the equally new 1438 - cc four-cylinder engine service. This facelift models were called Primula 65 C ( according to engine power ) and Primula Coupe S.

The radiator fan was driven by a thermostatically controlled electric motor. The vehicle had steering wheel gearshift.

In 1970 production of the Primula was discontinued after just under 75,000 copies. The drive block was used from 1968 Fiat 238 and from 1969 in the Autobianchi A111 on.


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