Autobianchi A111

The Autobianchi A111 is a manufactured from 1969 to 1972 front-wheel drive model of the Italian car manufacturer Autobianchi SpA, fully part of the Fiat Group since its inception in 1955 and partly in 1967.

Model history

The mid-60s was developed under Dante Giacosa line a replacement for the Fiat 1300/1500, as well different concepts were pursued, one of which was the "Project 123", a four-door notchback sedan with a transverse engine and front wheel drive based on the Primula. The vehicle was designed in the style of the "New Objectivity." But Fiat opted for a conservative -designed car, the Fiat 124, which was presented to the public in 1966 and sold quite well.

Project 123 was brought to series production and introduced in June 1969 as Autobianchi 111. He lined up on the Primula, who was only two -, three -, and five doors now available in the model palette. The car was equipped with the 51 kW (70 hp, 75 according to SAE standard ) at 5500 rpm payable inline four- cylinder with lateral camshaft 1438 cc, which was also used in Primula Coupe S. The A111 however, he was installed at an angle of 20 degrees. The clutch is hydraulically operated, the fully synchronized transmission has four gears. With this engine, the car reached a top speed of 155 km / h The chassis was largely matched that of the Primula.

In the late 1960s gained the subject of passive safety in vehicle in importance: the location of the steering rack, the door locks, the location of the fuel tank as well as the anchoring of the front seats have been designed according to the latest findings on occupant protection. In addition to all four wheels disc brakes were installed.

The sedan was extensively equipped as standard and was offered relatively expensive ( 1970: 1.07 million lire). Like the other models in the Autobianchi A111 was marketed in many exporting countries by Citroën; the French car maker had concluded a contract with Fiat about it.

In 1972 the production of the A111 ended after just under 57,000 units produced.