Autobianchi Bianchina

Car Bianchina Coupe (1957-1969)

The car Bianchina is a micro car of Italian car manufacturer Autobianchi. The car was built from 1957 until 1969. When Bian China it was a Fiat Nuova 500 with special bodywork.

Offered was a two-seat small coupe with a folding roof, also known as Bian China Speciale with the more powerful engine of the Fiat 500 Sport (1957 / 58-1962 ), a two-door sedan (also with the sports motor), a convertible and a station wagon version called Panoramica ( in Germany known as Panorama ) that was technically, but not from her building, with the Fiat 500 combi identical.

Technically, the Bian China has always followed the changes to the Fiat 500; the motor initially measured 479 cm ³ and made 15 hp ( 11 kW ) as in the Nuova 500, later he had 499.5 cc and made 22 hp (16 kW ) as in the 500 D. The maximum speed of the vehicles was around 90 km / h.

In 1969, the production of China Bian series has now ended. For advanced the produced until 1977 Autobianchi Giardiniera into the program. This was the more built practically unchanged, even at Fiat Discontinued Fiat 500 station wagon.

Car Bianchina Cabriolet (1960-1968)

Car Bianchina Limousine (1962-1969)