EvoBus GmbH, based in Kirchheim unter Teck ⊙ 48.6159139.477022 is a 100 percent subsidiary of Daimler AG. It produces buses and provides services around the bus to. It was founded in 1995 as a merger of the bus lines of Daimler -Benz and Kässbohrer. EvoBus has 6 bus factories and 18 sales companies in Europe.

It produces the buses under the brand names Mercedes -Benz and Setra. Under the name Omniplus services are offered for both brands. In the year 2010 9050 new cars and chassis were sold, of which 6225 buses Mercedes- Benz, 964 as Mercedes -Benz and Setra buses in 1861. With a market share of 56 percent in Germany and 25 percent in Europe EvoBus is the market leaders.

EvoBus experimented with hydrogen combustion, since 2009 with diesel - electric hybrids and fuel-cell hybrids for city buses for some time. These are currently being built in small series and awarded for experimental purposes, to larger transport companies.

In spring 2012 EvoBus announced to want to paint a total of 600 sites in Mannheim and Neu-Ulm 49.515138.483419 ⊙ ⊙ 48.39307310.040022. However, this should occur without compulsory redundancies. The remaining jobs are expected until at least 2018Vorlage: his future / In 4 years, sure.



In Mannheim ⊙ 49.515138.483419 the manufacture of all car bodies, which are mounted in Western Europe, and the final assembly of most Citaro city buses and capacity takes place. The omnibus main plant of Mercedes-Benz brand was founded in 1908 and employs around 3500 staff. In the complex there is also the commercial vehicle engine plant of Daimler.


The body shells from Mannheim to be delivered by rail transport in New Ulm ⊙ 48.39307310.040022 where the final assembly for all buses, Setra and the Travego coach and Integro Mercedes- Benz takes place. The plant was opened in 1992 and increased steadily. Since 2006, the entire production, which took place before the Kässbohrer headquarters in Ulm West town, settled here. With about 3800 employees Neu-Ulm is the largest production base of EvoBus.


At the plant in Ligny -en- Barrois ⊙ 48.677125.328669 (France) are mounted Citaro city buses from Mercedes -Benz, which are intended mainly for the French market. Ligny, created in 1981 as a branch plant of Kässbohrer.


The work Sámano ⊙ 43.346333-3.239434 (Spain ) produces bus chassis of the Mercedes-Benz brand, which are delivered to body manufacturers. The site was founded in 1979 by Kässbohrer and introduced by Setra complete buses for the Iberian market forth. As of 2000, the specialization took place on chassis that are the only branch of production since 2004.


The work Holýšov ⊙ 49.59910213.10443 (Czech Republic; EvoBus Bohemia sro ) with over 400 employees delivers body components and segments for bus production in Mannheim.


The wholly owned subsidiary EvoBus Mercedes- Benz Minibus in Dortmund ⊙ 51.5309037.529035 manufactures minibuses with 8 to 22 seats on the basis of the van Sprinter.


In Bahçeşehir - Hoşdere ⊙ 41.08427628.647342 in Istanbul ( Turkey) is the bus works, the sister company Mercedes -Benz Türk. Here EvoBus leaves the bus models Travego, Tourismo, Intouro and Conecto finished, the latter is currently sold only in Eastern and Southeastern Europe. For the Setra MultiClass business is made.