Jowett was a British manufacturer of automobiles.

Company History

The company Jowett Motor Manufacturing Co Limited ( 1919 Jowett Cars Limited ) from Bradford began in 1906 with the production of automobiles. In 1954 the production.

Rolling stock

The first model 6 HP, there were 1906 to 1914 and was equipped with a two-cylinder engine with 816 cc displacement. 1914 was followed by the 6/10 HP with 831 cc displacement. The successor model 8 hp with the same engine was available from 1915 until 1936. Was a little larger, the model 7/17 HP with 907 cc displacement, it was from 1921 to 1936. In 1937 the 8 HP a bigger engine with 946 cc displacement, which made ​​17 hp.

The era of the four-cylinder models with boxer engine began in 1936 with the 10 HP, it gave up in 1939. The engine with 1166 cc capacity by a 32 hp. After the Second World War, the prototype Javelin Ten appeared at 1200 cm ³ displacement. In the standard model Jowett Javelin which there were door sedan 1947-1954, the engine made ​​from 1486 cm ³ capacity initially 50 hp, 1952 52.5 hp. As a sports version was published in 1950 Jowett Jupiter as the Coupé and Roadster. This made ​​the engine between 60 and 70 hp.

Vehicles of this brand can be seen in many British car museums.