AV (cyclecar)

The AV Motors Ltd.. was a British manufacturer of cyclecars, in Somerset Road was 1919-1924 based in Teddington ( Middlesex ). The company as Ward and Avey was founded. Following the cessation of production of AV trolleys it was Jowett and later a dealer of Rootes Group.

The AV one of the more successful cyclecars, based on the construction of Carden and was also in the former factory buildings. At the peak of production activity, there were 80 employees.

The first model was the single seater monocarboxylic, which was only 762 mm wide, whose bodies were supplied from the Thames Valley Pattern Works. The bodies were made of wood. Plywood or even pressed paper. The complete car weighed only 250 kg. The air-cooled engines were installed behind and made 5-8 hp ( 3.7 to 5.9 kW). They came mostly from Japanese, sometimes Blackburne or MAG. There were two stage planetary gearbox or three-speed Sturmey - Archer spur gear with chain drive to the rear axle. There was a cable steering, whereby with early copies, the entire front axle has been rotated ( fifth-wheel steering ). Several hundred pieces of this car were manufactured.

1920 was also a two-seater, the Bi -Car, in which the passenger sitting behind the driver. The width of this car was developed 914 mm and about 50 copies. 1921 a more conventional two-seater with side-by- side seating, called Runabout was offered, whose body was 1067 mm wide and 3200 mm long.

The production of monocarboxylic and bi -Car were discontinued in 1922, but the runabout was built further to 1924 and was still available to special order it. 1923 was the company name in AV Motors Ltd.. changed.


Pictures of AV (cyclecar)