Matchless was a London motorcycle and automobile manufacturers with numerous racing successes, already from the period before the First World War.

Company History

Emerged was the company from the company Matchless Herbert Road, founded by Henry Herbert Collier 1878 in Plumstead, which manufactured bicycles. Under the company name of Collier & Sons motorcycles were developed and distributed in 1901 from 1899. In the years 1907, 1909 and 1910, the sons Charlie and Harry won with their machines, the Isle of Man TT, which helped the brand to the attention of the public. From 1912 its own engines, which were delivered to processors, motorcycle manufacturers without their own engine production emerged. In later years, worked closely with AJS Matchless In 1938, these two manufacturers part of society Associated Motorcycles, which went bankrupt in 1966 and was acquired by the Norton Villiers. This stopped the production of Matchless motorcycles in Plumstead 1969.



First, mainly JAP engines were used. After the cooperation with A.J.S. their motorcycles differed only in details.

Matchless Type H ( 1000 cm ³) of 1921

Matchless T3 ( 500 cc ) 1927

Matchless G11 (600 cc ) 1958

Matchless G15 CSR (750 cc ) of 1968

Matchless G50 racing machine


From 1904 arose motor tricycles.

1906 Runabout was presented at an automobile exhibition. The vehicle had a two-cylinder engine of Fafnir works with 6 hp. This model does not went into series production.

The 1913 to 1915 model offered 8/10 hp was a three-wheeled Cyclecar, which was equipped with a V-2 engine. The engine power was transmitted through a propeller shaft to the single rear wheel. Between 1923 and 1924, a four-wheeled small car with an air-cooled two-cylinder boxer engine with 1250 cc capacity arose. The original price was initially 225 pounds sterling, later only 185 pounds. The notable features at the time were the independent front suspension and front brakes. 50 units were built.

Built-in motors

At various motorcycle and automobile manufacturers such as Morgan and Alvechurch built-in motors were delivered.