CFB (car)

The CFB Car Syndicate Ltd. was a British manufacturer of cyclecars, who was based in Upper Norwood in London. CFB stand for the company's founder, Charles Frederick Beauvais, who later also built the Bow- V -Car, and then the wheelwright New Avon Body Company joined, which also built the bodies for standard, Crossley Motors and others.

From 1920 to 1921 they built there the CFB, a four-wheeled Cyclecar, originated from which only a few. The air-cooled V-2 engine made ​​by Precision 9 bhp ( 6.6 kW) and was associated with a friction gear, the gear ratio could be adjusted continuously by moving the driven wheel on the cone. The engine power was routed through helical gears on an auxiliary shaft and from there by straps to the rear axle. The weight was 305 kg.