Grahame -White was a British aircraft manufacturer and manufacturer of cyclecars.

The company was founded as Grahame -White Aviation Company in 1911 by Claude Grahame- White ( 1879-1959 ) in Hendon Middlesex and built many famous and successful aircraft of their own design. During the First World War aircraft from Morane -Saulnier for the Royal Air Force were produced under license. 1920, the aircraft was completely set.

In the same year the Company Grahame- White Company Ltd. changed its name. to and produced until 1924 cyclecars. First, a small roadster was 3.3 hp with air-cooled single-cylinder engine, which had 348 cc. The following year he was made the type 7 hp with 689 cc two -cylinder engine to the side, but disappeared in the same year. 1924 was a Cyclecar with water-cooled four-cylinder inline engine of Dorman, which had 1094 cc displacement. Then Grahame -White finally disappeared from the market.

Aircraft models

  • Grahame- White Baby
  • Grahame -White Bantam
  • Grahame -White Ganymede
  • Grahame -White Type X Charabanc
  • Grahame -White Type XI
  • Grahame -White Type XV
  • Grahame -White Type XIII
  • Grahame -White Type 18

Car models


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