Marc Nordon Racing

The Marc Nordon Racing Ltd. (MNR ) is a British manufacturer of kit cars, which is established since 2000 in Harrogate (Yorkshire ). He specializes in cars with motorcycle engines and particularly on replicas of the Lotus Seven.

MNR was founded in 2000 by former British racing driver Marc Nordon as a car rental for racers who wanted to buy a own racing car and entertained. In 2003, the company the Vortx RT ago, a Lotus Seven replica on Ford Sierra basis. This first model was followed by the Vortx RT and RT Super Vortx, which combined the rear axle of the Ford Sierra with the front of the Ford Cortina.

As a result, the model range was diversified; you now produces not only more Lotus Seven replicas, but also the Tytan with central engine and Le Mans prototypes.

MNR already counted after 18 months of the ten largest kit car manufacturers in the UK.