• N, N- dimethyl-p- hydroxyaniline
  • 4- DMAP ( not unique )



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4- dimethylamino phenol (4- DMAP) is an antidote ( antivenom ) for poisoning by cyanide or prussic acid. The operating principle is based on the formation of methemoglobin, the binding of free cyanide ions. As a side effect can take place hemolysis.

The administration of 4 -DMAP is only one step, in order to counteract poisoning by cyanide ions. The administration of sodium thiosulfate or hydroxocobalamin is inevitable.


As an antidote for overdose of 4- DMAP ( dimethylaminophenol ) methylene blue may be administered.

Likelihood of confusion

Due to identical short names (4- DMAP) may under certain circumstances to confusion with 4 - ( dimethylamino ) pyridine come, but that is no antidote for cyanide poisoning.