• IUPAC: N, N- dimethylpyridine -4-amine
  • DMAP
  • 4 -DMAP
  • 4-N, N-dimethylaminopyridine

Uncomfortable and weak amine-like odor, beige powder


110-112 ° C

138-140 ° C ( 24 hPa)

Moderately soluble in water: 60 g · l-1 (20 ° C), 76 g · l-1 (25 ° C), slightly soluble in methanol


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4 - ( dimethylamino ) pyridine ( Abbr: DMAP or 4 -DMAP, EC number: 214-353-5 ) is a substituted pyridine.

Attention! Due to identical short names (4- DMAP), it can be used to mix with 4 - ( dimethylamino ) phenol come, which is an antidote for cyanide poisoning. It should be noted here that 4 - ( dimethylamino) -pyridine has no such effect.


4 - ( dimethylamino ) pyridine at room temperature is an uncomfortable and weak amine-like odor of solid. Is dissolved at 20 ° C. 60 grams of 4 - ( dimethylamino ) pyridine in 1 liter of water, the pH of this solution is about 11 The flash point is 124 ° C and the ignition temperature is 420 ° C. The bulk density of 4 - ( dimethylamino) pyridine is 520 kg · m- third


4 - ( dimethylamino) pyridine is used in the organic chemistry as a nucleophilic catalyst. Commonly 4 - ( dimethylamino) -pyridine used as a catalyst for the esterification of sterically hindered secondary and tertiary alcohols under mild conditions with carboxylic acid anhydrides ( Steglich 's catalyst).

DMAP is also used in addition to phase transfer of nanoparticles of toluene to water. It forms on the surface of a positively charged outwardly monolayer, which is prevented by the repulsive forces of agglomeration of the nanoparticles. The Pyridinschicht can be replaced relatively easily later by other functional groups.


After inhalation of dusts of this chemical irritation may occur in the respiratory tract, dizziness, nausea, drowsiness and headache. If the chemical is inhaled, the edema in the respiratory tract of the body may cause. After contact with skin and eyes irritation occur, after the ingestion diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Accordingly, you should dust of 4 - ( dimethylamino ) pyridine not breathe, wear (eg nitrile rubber ) and protective clothing when working with the material suitable gloves. 4 - ( dimethylamino ) pyridine is extremely hazardous for water and therefore has the WGK 3 Accordingly, you should not leave the substance to enter waters, waste water and soil. The fabric must be kept accessible only for authorized persons.