5 A Day

5 A Day is a campaign that has been improving the health of the population set by an increased consumption of fruit and vegetables to the destination. The organizer in Germany is the club 5 day e V, which was launched in 2000 to life. Is decisively supported the action in Germany by the German Society for Nutrition.

The association provides its members with information, posters, promotional material ( partly free, partly against a contribution ) for events (eg, school festivals, information stands, open day and more ) are available. In addition, members may use the logo of 5 a day.


In the English-speaking world, this campaign is for the consumption of five servings of fruits and vegetables every day under the name 5 A Day - For a better Health. It was initiated in the 1990s, the National Cancer Research Institute of the USA, because medical studies indicate that regular consumption of fruits and vegetables can help prevent cancer. The clearest are the study results in terms of cancer of the mouth and pharynx, esophagus cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer. The main reason for this effect are bioactive substances in fruits and vegetables. The optimal amount recommended 5 a day total of 650 grams of fruit and vegetables per day.


A scientific proof of the actual reduction in cancer risk by fruit and vegetables are not currently available. It should nevertheless be ", the influence of vegetables and fruit scientifically best protected from the many nutritional factors responsible for cancer prevention are potentially in question ," it said in a publication of DGE. An evaluation of 2010, the EPIC study did not support this thesis. In this European study of the relationship between diet and cancer has been studied for over 8 years and half a million subjects, however, the expected significant protective effect by vegetables and fruits could not be confirmed.

It is also still the success of this campaign in relation to the diet of the population rather moderate. The Nutrition Report 2004, the DGE stated that the recommended amount of 650 grams of fruit and vegetables is not achieved by most Germans.

Members of the Action

The members come from different areas, who in a broader sense to do with nutrition and food, for example,

  • Health insurance
  • German Nutrition Society ( DGE)
  • Ministries
  • Cancer Societies
  • Community to promote the interests of Germany's fresh markets
  • Fruit trading companies