7-10 Split (film)

7-10 Split is an American sports comedy from 2007. Directed by Tommy Reid, Ross Patterson wrote the screenplay.


The actor Ross Vegas dedicated to the bowling and start in professional competitions. His girlfriend Lindsay and a friend of him Mike accompany him. Vegas is present as an athlete successfully and in the media, but he acquires a bad reputation. His relationship and his friendship with Mike break.


Jason Buchanan wrote in the All Movie Guide, the film show the difference between the " famous name " and the " volatile negative reputation ".


The film was shot in Los Angeles and Simi Valley. His cost of production was estimated at 4 million U.S. dollars. The world premiere took place at the European Film Market on February 11, 2007. In Japan, the film in March 2008 was released directly to DVD.

Tommy Reid, a brother of acting as producer and actress Tara Reid, made ​​his debut with this film as a director.

" 7-10 Split " means the heaviest constellation after a failed first attempt bowling, but still knock down all the pins to spare. The pins are each very left and right rear.