71-608 is the name of one of the Ust- Katawer waggon in Ust- Katav ( Soviet Union, now Russia) built tram type. Unofficially, this type is also called KTM -8 (Russian КТМ -8) according to the old brand name of the manufacturer KTM.

  • 2.1 71-611 (KTM -11) / 71- 611P (KTM- 11P )
  • 2.2 71-615 ( KTM 15)
  • 2.3 71-617 ( KTM 17)


71-608/71-608K (KTM -8)

In 1988, two prototypes of a successor to the built in large numbers KTM -5 and built to the tram Kalinin ( Tver today ) delivered. From the Type KTM -5 they differed by the smooth side walls, the greater width, the redesigned front and four instead of three doors. 1990 began series production until 1994 901 railcars were built. The on-Don Rostov -built for standard gauge KTM -8 did not receive any separate type designation.

71- 608KM (KTM- 8M)

In 1994, the design of the front of the built from 1991 Type KTM -11 ( see below) has been adjusted, the new variant was the type designation KTM -8M. The construction was continued even after the appearance of the successor type KTM -19 in 1999. Until 2007 578 railcars were built.

Related types

71-611 (KTM -11) / 71- 611P (KTM- 11P )

1991 known as KTM -11 version with doors on both sides was developed for the fast tram Volgograd. The cars were used in double traction, which was characterized as a full-fledged two-way car use. The number of doors on each side was compared to the KTM - 8 is reduced to three. The design of the front panel was slightly rounded and corresponded to the later KTM -8M.

Volgograd was only one train, four further trains were delivered from 1993 to the fast tram Krivoy Rog. Three of them were equipped as Dreiwagenzug with an additional intermediate car ( type KTM - 11P ) without cabs.

71-615 ( KTM 15)

The meter-gauge tram in Pyatigorsk received eleven railcars of the type KTM 15th These correspond to the gauge of the type KTM -8M.

71-617 ( KTM 17)

The tram Moscow received twelve railcars with additional device for use in the driving school operation. Of these correspond to two railcars of the type KTM 8, ten type KTM -8M.