8 (number)

The eight ( 8) is the natural number between seven and nine. She is straight and a cubic number.

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The word eight, which has evolved from the Old High German Ahto, comes from a Indo-European root. Originally it may be a dual form, probably " both quad tips " of the outstretched fingers of the two hands, without the thumbs.

Not related to the number word eight in terms of attention, as passed in eight (or outdated careful ), eight in the sense of ostracism or aft in shipping.

The Greek word for eight, ὀκτώ ( October ), is found in the words of foreign octagon or octopus.

The Latin expression octo with the atomic number Octavus (the eighth ) is found in foreign words such as octet (Ensemble ), October ( SRC of the 8th month), octave ( interval) octant. The German expression today in eight days, with the represents periods of one week, comes from the Roman method of counting, to be counted in which the first and last day. The Latin numerals for 18, 28-88 - as in novem (9 ) - not made ​​with octo, but circumscribed, such as duo -de- viginti for 18, literally: 2 of 20 ( deducted ).

In Chinese culture, the eight (八Chinese, Pinyin bā ) is considered a lucky number because of the consonance with " progress " (Chinese发/发, Pinyin fā ).

Number of characters

The original Brahmi characters for the night looked like a left above- leading level. In the further development, it was similar to the first 5 and the letter S. The Arabs in the Maghreb combined with the Ghubar font the ends and so laid the foundations for the modern characters.

In most writing fonts and manuscripts, the upper loop of the figure is less than the lower formed, resulting in a stable picture and fits well with usually less than half of high harmonics length of fonts. In shallow oblique view of large numbers of relatively close, about on a highway pavement or aircraft runway, however, tends to the view ( projection) because of the distance differences already alone in this direction.


  • The octahedron is one of the five Platonic solids.
  • A polygon with eight sides is an octagon.
  • In computer technology one uses a number system based on eight, the octal system.
  • Eight is the first real cubic number, aside from 1 ³.
  • It is also the smallest composite of three prime number
  • Every odd number greater than one, where the squared yields a multiple of eight with a remainder of one.

Natural sciences

  • All spiders (Arachnida ) have eight walking legs. The genus Octopus octopi all heard how the subordination of the eight-armed squid. The Octocorallia, the earlier eight-pointed flowers animals ( Octocorallae ) were called have eight feathery tentacles and also usually inside an eight-pointed structure.
  • There are eight main points of the compass.
  • The solar system has in astronomical conception since 2006 eight planets.
  • The octet rule is a simple chemical structural feature of the molecules, since each element in most of the compounds aiming a number of valence of eight.
  • The chemical element with an atomic number of 8, the oxygen
  • Eightfold Way classification of hadrons in the framework of quantum chromodynamics


The octagon (Greek for octagon ) is an important design of Christian religious architecture. It follows the Christian Meaning of Eight as a sacred number. Following the example of San Vitale in Ravenna and the ( Islamic ) Dome of the Rock, many important churches were designed around a central octagon, as the Palatine Chapel of Aachen Cathedral. Also Baptisteries often found in octagonal shape. A special case is the Castel del Monte in Apulia, which was built in the time of Emperor Frederick II and in which the Eight is interpreted as a symbol for the emperor.


  • The morning star, symbol of the ancient goddess Ishtar, later adopted as Venus is represented achtstrahlig.
  • After the Ogdoad of Hermopolis, the mythology of the Egyptian Hermopolis prevailed before the creation of the world eight deities personified elemental forces.
  • The Etruscans spoke of eight world ages, Christian Gnostics of eight celestial spheres.
  • The Hindu god Vishnu has eight ( global ) arms.
  • The Eight plays an important role in Chinese numerology.
  • In myths, legends and fairy tales, there are examples of the role of Eight. Odin's Sleipnir is an eight -footed horse; Plato ball people in the Symposium dialog have eight limbs ( four arms and four legs).


  • In the Christian symbolism of the Middle Ages, the number eight is the number of the happy beginning, rebirth, new beginnings, of spiritual rebirth, it is also the number of baptism and resurrection, symbol of the New Covenant and symbol of happiness.
  • Fathers of the Church symbol for the day of the Resurrection of the Lord ( Resurrectio Domini ) and the re-creation in baptism - By the 8th day, a new week, a new era begins. The octagonal shape of early Christian Baptisteries uses this making sense of the eighth day.


  • Eight people were saved in Noah's ark (1 Mos 6:18).
  • On the 8th day after the birth of the Jewish circumcision takes place.
  • The Jewish Hanukkah festival lasts for eight days. Every day is another candle on the menorah, the eight-branched candlestick, lit. The chandelier has nine arms for an additional light, the so-called servants (Heb. Shamash ) for lighting the eight lights.

The number 8 means the transition from the temporality into the timelessness, the connection of immanence ( worldliness, transience ) to the transcendence ( transcendence, timelessness ) in Judaism. She has joined, bridges be built character, because ( with the them, the world of the 6 business days concluding Shabbat day of rest) connects the world of 7 with those of 8 ( the Divine ). The number eight is inherent in a perfecting feature - it brings together two seemingly incompatible worlds through the mysterious binding force of God together. "The Eight is considered the number of infinity .... If we consider the number eight in the upright and in the supine form, then we might recognize a harmonic oscillation; , it's a movement that, like the steadfast and off of breathing defined in their swing between two poles of an inner focus, compensating for this and integrated. " ( Yuval Lapide, "The heart of the Kabbalah ," OWBarth 2011, January 26 ) must Because of this special significance of the number eight, take place except in emergencies, the circumcision of Jewish boys exactly on the eighth day.


  • In Buddhism, the Eightfold Path of Samsara leads out to liberation. Its symbol is the Dharmachakra, an eight-spoked wheel is from him the fourth of the four noble truths.


  • The Eight Immortals are saints of Chinese mythology and Daoism.
  • The Taoist goddess Doumu is usually depicted with eight arms.
  • The ancient Chinese Book of Changes ( Yijing ) knows Eight Trigrams.
  • Eight sounds denote the classical Chinese musical instrument classification.
  • Eight Banners were Chinese administrative units.
  • By dividing the system of axes creates the Achtspeichenrad: eight speiches ancient chariot wheel, usually drawn by four horses
  • Quadriga - year wheel of Germanic peoples, Wheel of Fortune of Fortuna in the Middle Ages.
  • Eight than doubled the number four of the cosmos.
  • A doubling of 8, for H, the eighth letter of the alphabet to 88 is a cipher for Heil Hitler.
  • In Terry Pratchett's Discworld, the eight is the number of magic Represent must never be spoken aloud by a magician.


  • Eighth is generally the eighth part of a whole in the fractions; thereof, the following terms are derived from: Eighth, a measure of the cloudiness degree in meteorology
  • Second round, the fourth- last round with 16 participants in the tournament
  • Eighth note, a fraction of a whole note, with black head and a flag on the note stem.
  • Eighth meters, the standard measure in the construction industry