Aalen station

  • Brenz Railway ( KBS 757)
  • Rems Railway ( KBS 786)
  • Ries Railway ( KBS 995 )
  • Upper Jagst train ( KBS 786)
  • Härtsfeldbahn (up to 1972)


The Aalen station is a railway station about 200 meters northeast of the town of Aalen. In his function as a node station he is the intersection of the Rems Railway from Stuttgart, the Brenz Railway from Ulm, the Upper Jagst train to Crailsheim and the Ries Railway to Donauwörth. The Aalen station to be appointed to the Central Station.


Despite the difficulties of countries Württemberg and Bavaria, which could not agree on a common approach for cross- border rail, reached on July 18, 1861 First, the Rems Railway Royal Württemberg State Railways the place. Although eels was not planned as a railway junction, the first small station was occupied at the beginning with eight railway employees who were at the same time postal clerk. An extension of the railway towards Nördlingen then took on 3 October 1863 the operation. The third connection then reached on 13 September 1864, the Brenz Heidenheim train from the city (the compound of Heidenheim to Ulm was completed only in 1876 because of the so-called Brenz Railway clause). Crailsheim could be achieved from 10 December 1867, with the track from 15 November 1866 and Schwäbisch Hall. 1865 a railroad repair shop was established, which was the basis for the later Bahnbetriebswerk eels.

Already at this time is becoming apparent that the station was designed too small for the increasing rail traffic. He only had a covered main platform outside the station building and only about 1.80 m wide auxiliary platform for the second track. So the search began in 1873 with the expansion and conversion of the railway station. 1876, the new main building was opened. 1884 had the station a total of four tracks of which three were intended for passenger services. So the station was in spite of the meager funds, which was providing the country equipped 500,000 gold marks instead of the required 3.5 million, for the further increase in traffic. By the end of the century the traffic increased to a total of 80 trains per day.

1901 the financial resources were exhausted, but the country provided further 1,400,000 gold marks available. In order for the station from three to five tracks could be extended for passenger traffic. On 31 October the same year took the Härtsfeldbahn a 1000 mm gauge line to Neresheim and Dillingen their operation. It had its endpoint opposite the train station on the other side of the railway tracks. In order to connect it to the station building, taught you a 72 m long tunnel under the railway facilities. Since the web initially ran parallel to the track in the direction of Ulm, this section was on a three -rail track.

1905 was an electro-mechanical interlocking of the station.

During the Second World War, the station was not very damaged in a first wave of attack on 1 and 2 April 1945. Only the targeted attacks on 8 April and 17 April damaged the station sustainable, so that the traffic had to be stopped altogether. The traffic could be taken up at the instance of the Allies until July 9 again.

The next major change was in 1970 with the beginning of the electrification of the Rems Railway, which was completed on 28 May 1972 instead. Decided this measure has been the signing of the electrification Agreement between the State of Baden -Württemberg and the German Federal Railroad. The section to Crailsheim only followed on 2 June 1985.

The Härtsfeldbahn presented on September 30, 1972, their person operation. The freight was followed two months later on November 30. Subsequently, the dismantling of the track systems took place.

A renovation of the main building, which was planned for 1980, postponed to the year 1990. Reason was that the building was now a historical monument. For 4.4 million German Mark, there was also the travel center, a shop and a bistro.

In January 2010 it was announced that the Aalen station to be modernized with funding from the Economic Stimulus Package I of the Federal Republic for a total of around 4.8 million euros and handicapped accessible. So to be set up to the platforms in a underpass total of three lifts, the platforms are raised itself from the present 38 to 55 inches above top of rail. Likewise, the station should " be rebuilt with contemporary furnishings. " As a whole The start of construction was on 25 February 2011. On August 3, 2012, the installation of elevators and the provision of access to urban deer creek underpass (investments of around 2 was, 2 million euros ) completed.

On July 3, 2012, it was announced that the station will be appointed in Aalen to Central Station.


In the basic interval timetable of Baden -Württemberg the station has two node functions:

Hourly made ​​about the symmetry minute 30 interchanges between trains of regional transport following relations in the forward and reverse direction:

  • Stuttgart- Aalen ( Rems Railway )
  • Ulm- Aalen- Ellwangen ( - Crailsheim, Brenz Railway and Upper Jagst train)
  • Aalen- Donauwörth ( Ries train, weekends only every two hours)

The interchanges between the directions Ellwangen and Donauwörth exist in neighboring Goldshöfe station.

Connecting flights between intercity trains on the line Karlsruhe -Stuttgart -Nürnberg in both directions and inter- regional express trains to and from Ulm to every odd hour to the symmetry minute 00.

In the south of the urban area is the industrial railway Aalen, one run by the city's industrial track may be transported on the approximately 250 annual carloads.

Long-distance traffic

Regional Transport


A situated outside the main building and bus station Established in 2006, the park - and-ride car park connect the station to the road. At the bus station there is the info - center of the transport association eels. 2003 204 pitches bidding cycle park was inaugurated, which was equipped to protect against theft with CCTV.

Bicycle parking garage

Park - and-ride car park

Other stations in the urban area Aalen

In addition to the Aalen station located in the city area Aalen other stations, but do not bear the label " eels " in the name. These stations are the stations Wasseralfingen, Unterkochen and the breakpoint Mayrhofen. The Goldshöfe station lies partly within the city limits Aalen, partly in the municipality Rainau.