Abd al-Rahman al-Bazzaz

Abd ar -Rahman al - Bazzaz (Arabic عبد الرحمن البزاز, DMG ʿ Abd ar -Rahman al - Bazaz, born February 20, 1913 in Baghdad, † June 28, 1973 ) was an Iraqi politician and diplomat.

Abd ar -Rahman al - Bazzaz had studied law in Baghdad and at King's College London and initially taught at several Iraqi universities before he was detained for three years in 1941 for its support of the military coup, Rashid Ali al - Gailani. From 1945 to 1955 he worked as a Supreme Court judge in Baghdad, 1955-1959, he was dean of the Baghdad Law College. During the reign of Abd al - Karim Qasim al- Bazzaz was in the Egyptian exile and taught in Cairo.

After the (first) to power of the Baath Party in February 1963 al - Bazzaz was the Iraqi ambassador to Egypt, appointed in July 1963, ambassador in London. From 1 May 1964 to April 30, 1965 President of the OPEC. In 1965, he was then for a few months, Iraqi Foreign Minister in the Cabinet Arif Abd ar- Razzaqs, after ar - Razzaqs coup attempt in September 1965 even then prime minister. As Premier, he was a member of the United Political leadership that would prepare the merger with Egypt, although he was rather pro-British and set against Nasser. After the death of Abd al- Salam Arif Abd ar -Rahman al - Bazzaz was for three days from 13 to 16 April 1966 on transitional president. New president-elect was then the deceased's brother Abd ar -Rahman Arif. In August 1966 ended Abd ar -Rahman al - Bazzaz 's tenure as prime minister. His successor was Naji Talib.

After the (re ) seizure of power of the Baath Party in July 1968 al - Bazzaz was arrested. Released for health reasons in 1970, he remained until his death under house arrest.


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  • Prime Minister (Iraq)
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs (Iraq)
  • Iraqi Ambassador
  • Ambassador to Egypt
  • Ambassador in the United Kingdom
  • Judge
  • University teachers (Baghdad )
  • Iraqi
  • Born in 1913
  • Died in 1973
  • Man
  • Legal scholars ( 20th century)