Adam Aircraft Industries

Adam Aircraft Industries, Inc. was an American aircraft manufacturer based at Centennial Airport in Centennial, Colorado.


The company was founded in January 1998 by Rick Adam. The Adam M -309 was manufactured as a technology platform in 2000 by Scaled Composites. The manufacturing of the prototype of the first commercial pattern began in June 2001., The largest shareholder was the investment bank Goldman Sachs

In January 2008 it was announced that the company is in financial trouble and to lay off employees. On February 11, 2008, stopped the operation and reported on 19 February insolvency.

Following the insolvency of the bodies were then taken over first by the Russian " AAI Acquisitions " and after its bankruptcy in 2009 of "Triton Aerospace".


Adam Aircraft Industries was distinguished by use of the latest construction methods and the use of carbon fiber reinforced plastics. Known patterns of the company are the twin-engine propeller-driven business aircraft Adam A500 twin-engine business jet and Adam A700 with jet engines. The production of the two samples to be taken up again in a different form of "Triton Aerospace".