Adel Emam

Adel Imam (Arabic: عادل إمام; born May 17, 1940, after other sources of December 17, 1946 ) is a famous Egyptian actor.

Adel Imam has played in over a hundred films and is a popular actor in the Arab world. There usually are comedies. In 2005, he plays in the film adaptation of the very popular novel Imarat Yaqubian (The Yacoubian Building ) of Ala al - Aswani a major role. The controversial film was a huge box office success. Another controversial film in which he plays a major role, Hassan & Morcos (2008).

Since 2000 he is the UN special envoy.

A court sentenced Adel Imam in 2012 for defamation of Islam to a prison term of three months and to a fine of $ 170. He was accused of having made ​​fun in a movie from 2007 and a play from 1998 about Islam. In the film, he played a corrupt businessman, in the piece an Arab dictator. He is said to have disparaged religious symbols such as beards and billowing garments. The guilty verdict against Adel Imam was announced shortly after the victory of Islamic parties in Egypt after the revolution of 2011 the first free elections in six decades. A later instance upheld the conviction.