Adham Sharara

Adham Sharara ( born March 24, 1953 in Cairo ) is the current President of the Table Tennis ITTF.

Active and officials

Adham Sharara grew up in Canada. At age ten, he began with the table tennis sport. Nine years later he was called to the national team of Canada. He later became coach of the national team and Director General of the Canadian Table Tennis Association CTTA.

In 1999, Xu Yinsheng no longer a candidate for the office of ITTF President Sharara was elected as his successor. He is considered to reforms with the aim to make the table tennis sport for spectators and media understandable and attractive. During his tenure, the ping pong ball of 38 mm was increased to 40 mm. The counting was reformed, a sentence ends at 11 points (previously at 21 points ). In addition, the service rule was changed in 2008 and glueing prohibited.

" The International Development of our sport and the assurance of table tennis as a core sport of the Olympic Games "

" The highlight is to have brought for me Table Tennis through very aggressive development program in all corners of the world. "


Sharara comes from a family of diplomats. He is Canadian. By profession he is an engineer for electrical engineering. Since 1982, he is married ( in Budapest * 1958) with ten times Canadian champion Mariann Domonkos.


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