Adolf Mišek

Adolf Misek ( born August 29, 1875 in Modletín, Bohemia, † October 20, 1955 in Prague) was a Czech double bassist and composer.


Mišeks father worked as a conductor and gave his son early and comprehensive musical knowledge. Already before his 15th birthday Adolf Misek was in 1890 at the kk Academy of Music and Performing Arts approved ( the forerunner to the Vienna Conservatory ). He went there in the double bass class of Franz Simandl, who was considered one of the most renowned representatives of this instrument in Central Europe. The profound education in Simandl, which Misek 1894 graduated, enabled the young musician immediately prestigious engagements, first in the orchestra of the Imperial Court Opera, since 1898 also in the Vienna Philharmonic. Both orchestras of musicians took his leave, in 1918 after the end of the First World War, the independence of Czechoslovakia was proclaimed. Of his colleagues, this decision was taken by surprise to note though Mišeks local ties was common knowledge - so the bassist was, among other Head of the Czech Akedemischen Orchestra and the Czech choral society in his time in Vienna.

Misek moved to Prague, where until 1934 he was a soloist in the orchestra of the National Theatre from 1920. The last two decades of his life of the musician, who had already been engaged in Vienna from 1910 to 1914 as the successor of his teacher at the Vienna Conservatory Simandl, mainly as a music teacher and freelance composer.


From Mišeks works currently are mainly still his compositions for his own instrument, the double bass, performed and recorded:

  • Concert Polonaise
  • Legend op 3
  • Sonata in A Major, Op 5 (1909 )
  • Sonata in E minor, Op 6 (1911 )
  • Sonata in F major, Op 7 (1955 )