Adriano Galliani

Adriano Galliani ( born July 30, 1944 in Monza ) is an Italian entrepreneur and football official.

After training as a graduate surveyor Galliani worked for eight years for the city of Monza; then he founded the company Elettronica Industriale, which specialized in the manufacture of equipment for reception of TV signals and is. Through his company, he came in 1979 with the distinguished businessman Silvio Berlusconi in contact with whom he founded the television channel Canale 5.

Adriano Galliani 1986 Managing Director of the newly acquired Berlusconi soccer club AC Milan, soon afterwards Vice - President. He became president of the Lega Nazionale Professionisti, a sub-organization of the Italian Football Federation Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio, which is the organizer of the national championship in 2002. His dual role as a high-ranking official of AC Milan and the Italian league repeatedly caused polemics because of alleged conflicts of interest.

When the investigation was also determined against Galliani because of the football scandal in 2006 in the course, he entered on 22 June 2006 from his position as League President back. A court sentenced sentenced him to a prohibition of nine months, in the next instance of the sentence to five months and a fine was reduced.