Adromischus triflorus near Barrydale in the Little Karoo in the Western Cape Province, South Africa

Adromischus is a genus of flowering plants in the family Crassulaceae ( Crassulaceae ). The botanical name of the genus is derived from the Greek words " άδρός " ( hadros ) from for thick, strong and " μίσχος " ( mischos ) for peduncle and refers to the thick flower stems of the plants.


The species of the genus Adromischus are perennial, hairless to glandular - sticky, herbaceous, succulent plants that grow erect to decumbent and reach a height of up to about 20 centimeters. Your succulent, terete shoots have a smooth, peeling bark and are often short and compressed. The entire, bare to glandular hairy leaves are flat to nearly terete. They are dusted gray or green spots and often flour -like. The leaves are linear, elliptical, ovate to obovate or clavate. They are blunt at the base wedge- shaped, and at their head.

The terminal inflorescence is a spike- like, upright Thyrse of up to 55 centimeters in length, consisting of a few to many Monochasien with one to five flowers. The five petals are erect and only Adromischus phillipsiae hanging. Her short sepals are triangular. The crown -tube is externally bare. Her white, pink, red to red corner are spread repulsed and not to grow together. The stamens are in two rows of five stamens and may protrude from the flower tube. Their stamens are fused at the base with the crown and there papillose. The yellow dust bag are spherical. The carpels are extended, the style short and the stigma capitate.

Systematics and distribution

The genus is widespread Adromischus endemic in South Africa and Namibia. The first description by Charles Lemaire was published in 1852. According to Ernst van Jaarsveld the genus Adromischus is divided into five section with the following types:

  • Section Adromischus Adromischus alstonii
  • Adromischus bicolor
  • Adromischus filicaulis Adromischus filicaulis subsp. filicaulis
  • Adromischus filicaulis subsp. marlothii
  • Section Boreali Toelken Adromischus schuldtianus Adromischus schuldtianus subsp. juttae
  • Adromischus schuldtianus subsp. schuldtianus
  • Adromischus umbraticola subsp. ramosus
  • Adromischus umbraticola subsp. umbraticola
  • Section Brevipedunculati Poelln. Adromischus caryophyllaceus
  • Adromischus diabolicus
  • Adromischus fallax
  • Adromischus humilis
  • Adromischus nanus
  • Adromischus phillipsiae
  • Section Incisilobati Uitewaal Adromischus inamoenus
  • Adromischus maculatus
  • Adromischus mammillaris
  • Adromischus maximus
  • Adromischus sphenophyllus
  • Adromischus triflorus
  • Section Longipedunculati Poelln. Adromischus cooperi
  • Adromischus cristatus Adromischus cristatus var clavifolius
  • Adromischus cristatus cristatus var
  • Adromischus cristatus var schonlandii
  • Adromischus cristatus var zeyheri
  • Adromischus marianiae var hallii
  • Adromischus marianiae var immaculatus
  • Adromischus marianiae var kubusensis
  • Adromischus marianiae var marianiae