ADS stands for:

  • Accelerator Driven Systems, a concept of nuclear reactors, see Rubbiatron
  • Active Denial System, anti-personnel microwave weapon
  • Adaptive damping system, an electronic system in motor vehicles
  • Addison Airport in Dallas ( IATA airport code )
  • Adler / Düring / Schmaltz, comments on national and international accounting
  • Aitken Double Star Catalogue
  • Action group of Democrats and Socialists, student organization of the Socialist Unity Party of West Berlin
  • General Depression Scale
  • German General Rules of Marine
  • Alliance Data Systems, an American credit card service
  • Alternative démocratie socialisme, a French party
  • American Daffodil Society, Association for narcissus breeding
  • American Depositary Share, American Stock Certificate
  • American Dialect Society, Society for the Study of American English
  • Anti Discoloration system mixture of substances for the prevention of discoloration in the oral cavity
  • Astrophysics Data System, database for astronomical and astrophysical literature
  • Attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, see
  • Automatic Dependent Surveillance, air traffic control system

Information technology and computer science:

  • Adobe Document Services, a document - preparation software using SAP
  • Advanced Design System, a special simulation software for electrical and communications engineering
  • Advantage Database Server, a relational client-server database system
  • Algorithms and Data Structures, a required course for computer scientists in Austria and part of the basic courses in Germany
  • Alternate Data Streams, see Alternate Data Stream # Windows
  • Alternative distribution system in the hospitality industry for the bookability hotels
  • Automated Deployment Services, a system for distributing Microsoft server operating systems
  • Automation Device Specification, standardized interface for data exchange between objects through a message router


  • Admiral of the Seebefehlsstellen, a service of the German Navy in World War II
  • Anti -Discrimination Agency
  • Association of German pop and folk music eV
  • Association German sister associations and nursing organizations eV
  • Association of German student bodies, "right" cleavage of the Association of German Student Bodies ( 1969-71 )
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsches Schleswig, German social and Border association based in Flensburg

AdS stands for:

  • Anti- de Sitter space, one of the three maximum symmetric spacetimes
  • Authors of Switzerland, Swiss Writers' Association

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