Astrophysics Data System

The Astrophysics Data System (ADS ) is a NASA -funded database for literature in the field of astronomy and astrophysics. Also included are publications in physics and geophysics, and electronic preprints of ArXiv system.

The ADS is the most comprehensive collection of literature in the field of astronomy. Information such as title, authors, abstracts (Abstract) and citation counts are freely accessible. Many older professional publications are fully available, while recent publications via links are usually only paid subscribers of the respective publications.

In March 2008, 1.5 million records from the Astronomy / Astrophysics, 4.13 million from 0.47 million and Physics ArXiv records were available.

The identifier used by the ADS for the unique identification of records, the so-called Bibcode is very common in astronomy and astrophysics use for references to literature.

The user interface is characterized by a high degree of functionality. Due to the comparatively spartan and simple formatting of web pages displaying works with all browsers. Furthermore, an efficient access possible with slow data lines.