Advanced Chemistry

Advanced Chemistry ( AC) is a company incorporated in 1987 hip- hop group from Heidelberg, which is often attributed to the pioneering role of the German hip- hop. Although the Fantastic Four in 1991 could release two singles and an album on a major label, the Heidelberg Group is regarded by many as the first German -language hip-hop phenomenon. Your breakthrough came with the 1992 single released foreign in their own country (12 ", MZEE ), which caused a first for a wider perception of hip- hop culture outside the manageable scene.

The group consists of Toni L, Linguist, Gee -One, DJ Mike MD and Torch, some of which are still active musically. Great influence on Advanced Chemistry had the producer Boulevard Bou, which is always to be found in the Advanced - Chemistry- environment, but does not belong to the band.

Role as hip hop pioneers in Germany

Reason for the status of Advanced Chemistry in the hip- hop scene as the " founding fathers " of the German rap is the negative attitude towards the before AC commercially successful Fantastic Four, who had found at this time does not provide sufficient support among the German scene. In addition, the group, such as the Zulu Nation is a great cultural performance in terms of the structure and development of the hip- hop scene, to the German-speaking countries. Many activists applies Torch as the "inventor of German Rap " because he started out as one of the first mid-and late 1980s, on the German stage to rap in German. In conclusion, both Advanced Chemistry and the Fantastic Four take on different ways pioneering positions in the German hip -hop.

Themes of the music

As at that time the German Hip Hop usual, influenced by the American Conscious Rap and the Native Tongue movement, the central themes of Advanced Chemistry were politically and intellectually motivated and revolved mainly around their identity as a German foreign origin and the place of the Hip hop movement in the world. Advanced Chemistry were a member of the Zulu Nation was founded by Afrika Bambaataa as one of the few German hip- hop bands.


Toni -L published last " Animal Radio " (2007), Torch his solo debut album " Blue Velvet " (2000). Both also published a series of CD singles on their label 360 Records.