Aestivation (botany)

The buds cover, aestivation or Präfloration also describes the position of the young leaves in the flower - bud. The buds cover may be different in a flower with sepals and petals.

  • Imbricat (covering, dachziegelig ): A portion of the leaves covered both neighbors, some only one. There are several variants: When quincuncialen cover (A) the leaves are exactly in 2/5-Stellung ( phyllotaxis ): The leaves are formed in the order of 1 to 5 from outside to inside. After two rotations (not educated ) sixth leaf would stand above the first, therefore 2/5-Stellung. Here are two leaves quite outside, two very inside, and a cover on one side. It is often found in the calyx.
  • In the cochlear cover sheet is a very outside, a very inside, the other cover on one side. Here again, a distinction between Cochlear ascending (B) and
  • Cochlear descending (C).

Imbricat is also defined differently. In the " Strasburger " it is used for buds, and the leaves overlap each other in different ways, which also contorte position within this definition of imbricat falls. Peter Leins, however, uses the term not imbricat, he uses the terms quincuncial, cochlear, contort, and valvat apert equal importance.