AFK Atlantic Lázně Bohdaneč

The AFK Atlantic Lazne Bohdanečský was a Czech football club from the East Bohemian town Bohdaneč. The rise and fall of the club in the 1990s is closely linked with the local entrepreneurs Jiří Novák in 1997 in the highest Czech league, the Gambrinus League, brought him.

Club history

Football was played in Bohdaneč, a far from Pardubice climatic spa resort since 1918, initially under the name AFK, with change in the balance of power in 1948 as Sokol. About the county league the team never came out here. This changed with the entry of the entrepreneur Jiří Novák, who had acquired the local distillery Hobé after the Velvet Revolution through his company Atlantic.

Novák was president of the club and renamed it AFK Atlantic Lazne Bohdanečský. In November 1991, joined the club, whose team in the 8th league played with the B- team of Tesla Pardubice together, which took a class higher. Like many other Novák also financed the club almost single-handedly, he was also the President, patron and sponsor. The team was strengthened by football players from higher leagues and won the 1992 /93 Championship without defeat. This was also in the sixth league in the season 1993 / 94th Then jumped AFK Atlantic 's fifth highest league in which he swapped places with the fourth division SK Holice.

Bohdaneč won both the Divize C 1994/95 as well as the CFL 1995/96 sovereign and had arrived in the second league. In the meantime, Novák had built a stadium for 6,000 spectators, about twice the population of Bohdaneč. The squad were players like Marek Heinz, Jiří Kaufman, Luboš Kubík or Jaroslav Schindler, which succeeded the walkover in the first league.

On 9 August 1997, there was the first home in the top division for Bohdaneč, opponent was local rivals SK Hradec Králové, who won at 1-0. On the first point, the players had to wait until the 7th Round, the eleven as they beat Viktoria Plzen 2-1. Throughout the season of AFK Atlantic won only once and rose with only eleven points off unceremoniously, 23 count was at the end of the distance to the saving bank.

After the descent Bohdaneč played two years with varying success in the 2nd Division, 1998/99 took the team to seventh place, in the following year they finished sixth. In summer 2000, the club merged with the FK Slovan Pardubice FK Slovan Atlantic Pardubice, short FK AS Pardubice.

While it was not played football in the 2000/ 01 season in Bohdaneč, Jiří Novák did not sit idly. Unhappy with the situation in Pardubice, he joined the neighboring SK Stolany whose siebtklassige B team in 2001/ 02 their championship games fought out in Bohdaneč, and it was her not legally possible, as AFK Atlantic Lazne Bohdanečský to compete. The cooperation between the SK Stolany Jiří Novák and was intensified in the sequence, so that in the season 2002/ 03 a construct called AFK Atlantic Stolany - Bohdaneč přebor in Pardubice, so the 5th league, and took this won. Novak then tried the standing in his possession Stadium in Bohdaneč for 15 million crowns to sell to the city, but refused. Disappointed by public disinterest, Novak reported that rose from legitimate team and sparked the club on. Instead, he became involved in the neighboring club TJ Sokol Živanice.


League affiliation Czech Republic

1After season AFK Atlantic exchanged with the fourth division SK Holice places 2After season merger with FK Slovan Pardubice FK AS Pardubice 3The AFK Atlantic Stolany - Bohdaneč

Well-known former players

  • Pavel Černý
  • Marek Heinz
  • Ondřej Herzán
  • Jiří Kaufman
  • Luboš Kubík
  • Marek Kulič
  • Michal Meduna
  • Jaroslav Schindler

Club name


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