Agastache mexicana

Agastache mexicana ' Toronjil Morado '

The Mexican Riesenysop ( Agastache mexicana, Syn Cedronella mexicana ) is a species in the mint family ( Lamiaceae). It comes from Central Mexico.


Mexican Riesenysop is a perennial, herbaceous plant. The plant height is up 50 to 70 cm. The decussate arranged leaves are lanceolate to ovate - lanceolate. The leaf margin serrate or crenate. The petiole is shorter than 1 cm, at least when the sheets in the middle of the stem.

The flowers are about 12 or more in Scheinquirlen, the individual Scheinquirle are arranged on the stem with clear intervals. The sepals are fused together into a 6.5 to 11.5 mm long tube, the long teeth ending in 2.5 to 4 mm. The petals are also grown tubular, are 19 to 27 mm long. The four stamens have parallel running filaments.


The Mexican Riesenysop comes in Mexico before at altitudes 2600-3200 meters. The sites are located in coniferous forests and oak forests.


In Mexico, this plant is used as a medicinal plant. From the United States is reported to use as bee pasture.

As an ornamental plant of Mexican Riesenysop is also grown as an annual. The plant is hardy only partially, it needs a sunny site and well drained soil.