Ahja Parish

Ahja ( German: Aya ) is a rural municipality in the Estonian Põlva County with an area of 72.2 km ². It has 1196 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2006).


The community is located 34 km from Tartu and 25 km from Põlva away. In addition to the main town Ahja the parish includes the villages Akste, Ibaste, Kärsa, Kosova, Kärsa, Loko, Mustakurmu, Mõtsküla and Vanamõisa.


Ahja was first mentioned in documents in 1360.


  • Ahja is the birthplace of the Estonian writer peace Tuglas always, who was greatly inspired by his home in his novel Väike Illimari.
  • From Ahja comes also the Estonian diplomat Karin Jaani.