Ahr (disambiguation)

Ahr is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Felix Ahr (* 1990), German volleyball player
  • George William Ahr (1904-1993), Bishop of Trenton

Ahr is the name of several rivers:

  • Ahr, a tributary of the Rhine in Rhineland -Palatinate, Germany
  • Ahr ( Rienz ), a tributary of the Rienz in South Tyrol, Italy

Ahr is the name of the following environments:

  • Ahr ( wine region ), a wine region in the Ahr in Rhineland -Palatinate, Germany

AHR is an abbreviation for:

  • General qualification for university entrance (Abitur )

AhR is an abbreviation for:

  • Ah receptor, aryl hydrocarbon receptor, a protein in the cytosol and nucleus of vertebrate cells is involved as a transcription factor in the regulation of gene activity

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