Aichi E11A

The Aichi E11A (Japanese九八 式 水上 侦察机, kyūhachi - shiki suijō teisatsuki, dt "Type 98 Reconnaissance Seaplane ", Allied codename "Laura" ) was a Japanese flying boat of 1937.

The E11A was used mainly at the beginning of the Second World War as a night reconnaissance. She received the navy designation Type 98 and was very similar to the previous type 96, the E110A, code-named Hank. The E11A was used by cruisers or battleships for night reconnaissance. Later, the machines used for patrolling, liaison and transport flights were used.

The E11A was a biplane flying boat with a pusher propeller, which by a 620 hp ( 455 kW) payable 12-cylinder V-engine 91 Aichi Type 22 was driven. It had three men as occupation. Only 17 units of this type were built.


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