Aimée (also: Aimee ) is a female first name

Origin and Meaning

Aimée means "the Popular ". It is a name with altfranzösischem and Latin origin. The French aimer comes from the Latin amare, meaning " love". The Old French and Latin Amata Amede are the feminine singular forms, the masculine form is unpopular ones or Amatus. A well-known English version is Amy. Aimé is a male first name.

Famous names winners

  • Aimée, title character in the film Aimee and Jaguar (1999)
  • Aimée Beekman ( born 1933), Estonian writer
  • Aimée du Buc de RIVERY (* 1768), mistress of Sultan Abdulhamid I.
  • Aimee Duffy ( born 1984 ), known by your stage name Duffy, Welsh Soul-/Pop-Sängerin and songwriter
  • Aimée - Zoë de Mirbel (* 1796), French miniature painter
  • Aimee Mann ( born 1960 ), American singer, songwriter, bassist and guitarist
  • Aimee Mullins (born 1976 ), American physically challenged athlete and actress
  • Aimée Sommerfelt (1892-1975), Norwegian children's book author
  • Anouk Aimée ( born 1932 ), French actress
  • Female first name