Air Finland

Air Finland was a Finnish airline based in Vantaa and based on the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.


Air Finland was founded in January 2002 and was owned by five individuals who were active in the fields of aerospace, finance and travel marketing.

Since April 3, 2003 Air Finland led scheduled and charter flights to destinations through the Mediterranean. In the first year 89,000 passengers were recorded, in 2004 there was a rapid increase in the number of passengers to 311,000 passengers. In the following years, Air Finland built its customer base on leisure travelers, prompting more charter flights were conducted.

In 2010, Air Finland introduced a new corporate design.

On June 26, 2012 Air Finland introduced for economic reasons, the operation and went into bankruptcy.


Air Finland flew from Helsinki to holiday destinations on the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands as well as to Dubai.


As of June 2012 the fleet of Air Finland consisted of three aircraft:

  • 3 Boeing 757-200 ( with winglets retrofitted 2 )