Air Nippon

Tokyo -Haneda

Air Nippon (Jap.エアーニッポン 株式会社, Nippon Kabushiki kaisha Ea ) was a Japanese regional airline based in Tokyo and based on the Tokyo International Airport. She was a subsidiary of All Nippon Airways.


Air Nippon was founded in March 1974 with the Japanese name Nippon Koku Kinkyori (日本 近距离 航空) of the company All Nippon Airways, Japan Air Lines and TOA Domestic and started operations on 10 October 1974. The airline got its present name in 1987. The abbreviation " ANK " comes from the Japanese name Air Nippon Koku.

Through the reorganization of the All Nippon Airways all domestic flights were transferred into the system of the parent company. By April 2004, Air Nippon and All Nippon Airways had different finishes of aircraft and various IATA codes. Last Air Nippon has a similar finish, which differed only by the title and a dolphin on the engine. As a subsidiary of All Nippon Airways Air Nippon was a full member of Star Alliance. The only exceptions were the flights to Taiwan that were flown for political reasons under its own IATA code "EL" and thus not part of the alliance network.

Beginning of April 2012 Air Nippon was disbanded and its aircraft, including the parent company ANA integrated.


Air Nippon flew mostly short-range goals and served on small islands of Japan in cooperation with the regional flights, the parent company All Nippon Airways. There were also additional interchanges to sister company ANA Wings. The only international goal was the Taiwan Taoyuan Airport in Taipei.


As of March 2012, the fleet of Air Nippon consisted of 39 aircraft:

  • 03 Boeing 737-500
  • 16 Boeing 737-700
  • 17 Boeing 737-800
  • 03 Bombardier Dash 8Q -300 ( leased to ANA Wings )

In the past, Air Nippon operation also aircraft types Airbus A320 -200, Boeing 737-400 and NAMC YS- 11th