Aka stands for:

  • Aka (language), Language in Africa
  • Aka ( Fukuoka ), village in the district of Tagawa Japanese Fukuoka Prefecture
  • Aka ( Baiguo ), the village Aka (阿卡 村) of the greater community Baiguo in China's Guizhou Province
  • Akha hill tribe in Southeast Asia ( alternative spelling)
  • A nomadic people of Mbenga Pygmies

Aka is the surname of the following persons:

  • Hasan Aka (* 1973), German - Turkish journalist and publicist
  • Vincent Aka Akesse (* 1975), Ivorian - French Ringer

AKA stands for:

  • A Konsortialinstitut German banks, see AKA export credit
  • The Association of municipal and ecclesiastical pensions
  • The working group of banks and leasing companies in the automotive industry
  • The Working Group on Agricultural History
  • The unit labor shares, another term for a full-time equivalent
  • The General Hospital Altona, Hamburg
  • A brand name for small electrical appliances from the GDR, see AKA electric
  • The Anti-Corruption Academy of Interpol
  • Andrea Kutsch Academy
  • Alfred Kunze, Továrna na stroje a osobní automobily, former Czechoslovak carmaker

AkA stands for:

  • The application site for commercial End and intermediate exams

Aka or a.k.a. stands for:

  • In English as an abbreviation for also known as ( = "also known as "), see pseudonym

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