Akashvani (radio broadcaster)

All India Radio (AIR ), the state radio station in India. The management of the broadcasting company lies with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.


The history of radio broadcasting in India goes back to the year 1927. In 1936, All India Radio on his program. When India gained its independence in 1947, AIR had a network of six stations and 18 transmitters, with which it could reach 2.5 percent of the country and about 11 percent of the population.

Today All India Radio has a network of 215 stations ( 139 of them in FM ), which covers 91.42 percent of the national territory and reached 99.13 percent of the population. AIR broadcasts in 24 languages ​​and 146 dialects. The broadcasts can be received via shortwave and abroad.

The monopoly, which had the state broadcaster earlier, was broken in the 1990s by the increasing number of private radio stations. In the big cities private FM radio stations such as Radio Mirchi, Radio City and Red FM All India Radio have overtaken in the number of listeners.