AKB48 ( pronunciation in English [ eɪ keɪ bi ː ː ti ː fɔ eɪt ] ) is a casted by Yasushi Akimoto Japanese girl group.

The underlying concept is a music group of Idols, which can be taken daily by their fans. The group is therefore divided into four different teams, which occur almost every day in their own theater in Tokyo 's Akihabara district. The band's name is an abbreviation of Akihabara and the original target number of members of 48 singers. With over 20 million albums sold and 18 first-place finishes in a row in the Japanese Oricon single charts AKB48 is one of the most successful Japanese music groups ever.

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The members of the band were cast in July 2005, Yasushi Akimoto out of 7,924 applicants, eventually 24 girls were selected for AKB48. On 8 December 2005, the group debuted with only 20 girls. This group later formed the team A. In cooperation with the Japanese phone company NTT DoCoMo has called for a new round of applicants. It competed further 11,892 via MMS, of which 19 selected for the idol group. Of them, 18 girls eventually formed the team K. In April 2007, the team debuted B with 16 other members, so that the originally planned formation was completed.

In December 2010, AKB48 received an entry in the Guinness Book of Records as the " largest [ ie most members ] pop group " in the world.

Akimoto founded based on this concept more bands like SKE48 in Sakae, Nagoya, NMB48 in Namba, Osaka, HKT48 in Hakata, Fukuoka, JKT48 in Jakarta, SNH48 in Shanghai and until its dissolution in March 2012, SDN48, the Saturday night (saturday night ) occurred in the AKB48 theater.

Concept, marketing and success

Was conceived by Akimoto concept provides a special closeness between the band and their fans. This is achieved by the still almost daily appearances in his own theater and regular " handshake " events where fans can interact for a short time with the band members. Almost all the girls have their own blogs and accounts on social platforms like google and Twitter. The target group of the band include members of the Japanese otaku scene, but is AKB48 and the general public for some years known. Japanese media speak here also of a social phenomenon. The marketing strategy includes an extensive selection of merchandise products and the constant media presence particularly of the more prominent members that occur in a variety of TV and radio shows, drama series, advertising campaigns, films, musicals and exhibitions. In addition AKB48 produced various own TV formats. In addition since April 29, 2012, the sci-fi anime series music of Shoji Kawamori AKB0048 in which the protagonists are based on members of the band.

Not all group members participate equally in the publications of the group. Singles are usually sung by a decision taken by the management selection (Japanese Senbatsu ) and presented. Once a year, fans will have the opportunity through previously acquired the vouchers Senbatsu a single by election ( Senbatsu Sōsenkyo ) to be determined. 2013 authorized the first 16 places to participate in the single Gingham Check; it cashed Yuko Oshima with 108 837 votes ahead of Mayu Watanabe ( 72 574 votes). Overall, more than 1.4 million votes were cast. The sum of the votes cast in 2013 increased to 2.7 million. It won this time HKT48 's Rino Sashihara ( 150.570 votes) Oshima Yuko before ( 136.503 ). These elections, in which members of all Japanese sister groups participate, are the subject of extensive coverage in the Japanese media landscape. Another special feature is the since 2010, annual, rock paper scissors tournament, represents (Japanese Janken ). Here, the members compete against each other and determine the participation in a further single with one another. With the Jankenturnier less known members are given the chance to also take part in singles and their extensive promotion.

In addition to the regular publications of the group side formations are regularly formed from different life, also reach their Phonograms top positions in the charts. Some members are also marketed as a solo artist. Meanwhile, the sister groups SKE48 and NMB48 in turn also own number - one hits. 2011 and 2012, the first 5 places in the Oricon Charts years were respectively occupied by AKB48 singles. The band has currently sold over 20 million albums and holds the Japanese record for the best selling singles of a girl group. 2011, the total turnover of the band over 200 million U.S. dollars.

Currently formation

AKB48 is currently (as of September 1, 2013 ) from the teams A, K, B and 4 with a total of 79 members. In a reorganization on 24 August 2012 the first team 4 was dissolved, and its 10 members distributed between the three other teams. End of August 2013, a new team 4 was formed. In addition, there is still the Kaigai Iseki (海外 移 籍(组), ~ ( Gumi ), " ( group) transfer abroad " ) are assigned with 5 members, for advertising purposes, the temporary international sister groups. Three of these members hold a dual position in regular AKB48 teams.

In addition, there is also the team Kenkyūsei (チーム 研究生, dt "Team trainees " ), accumulate in the potential future members experience, for example as a replacement for regular members and since 2008 also in their own shows in the band's own theater. New Kenkyūsei be selected at regular auditions, the last time in June 2013, the 15th audition for the band as a whole. In one case a member ( Minegishi Minami ) was re- assigned to the team Kenkyūsei for misconduct. Once a new team was formed 4 of 16 previous " Kenkyūsei " in August 2013, there are still 8 members in waiting. Thus AKB48 rely on a total of 89 members of whom hold, including its foreign transfers 10 girls double positions in diverse sister groups.

The members of each team are with the respective team leader in bold; italics AKB48 members were elected to the Fanwahlen 2013 in the Top 16:

Team A

  • Rina Izuda (伊豆 田 莉奈)
  • Anna Iriyama (入 山 杏 奈)
  • Karen Iwata (岩田 华 怜)
  • Ryoka Ōshima (大 岛 凉 花)
  • Rina Kawaei (川 栄 李 奈)
  • Ayaka Kikuchi (菊地 あやか)
  • Kodama Haruka (儿 玉 遥)
  • Marina Kobayashi (小林 茉 里 奈)
  • Yukari Sasaki (佐 々 木 优 佳里)
  • Sumire Satō (佐藤 すみれ)
  • Mariya Suzuki (鈴木 まりや)
  • Juri Takahashi (高桥 朱 里)
  • Minami Takahashi (高橋 みなみ)
  • Tano Yuka (田野 优 花)
  • Shiori Nagamata (仲 俣 汐 里)
  • Sakiko Matsui (松井 咲 子)
  • Morikawa Ayaka (森川 彩 香)
  • Fuko Yagura (矢 仓 枫 子)
  • Yui Yokoyama (横山 由 依)
  • Mayu Watanabe (渡 辺 麻 友)

Team K

  • Mary Abe (阿部 マリア)
  • Mayumi Uchida (内 田 眞 由 美)
  • Yuko Oshima (大 岛 优 子)
  • Rie Kitahara (北 原 里 英)
  • Asuka Kuramochi (仓 持 明日香)
  • Kana Kobayashi (小林 香菜)
  • Amina Satō (佐藤 亜 美 菜)
  • Haruka Shimada (岛 田 晴 香)
  • Shihori Suzuki (铃木 紫 帆 里)
  • Rina Chikano (近 野 莉 菜)
  • Chisato Nakata (中田 ちさと)
  • Mariya Nagao (永尾 まりや)
  • Rena Nozawa (野泽 玲奈)
  • Rina Hirata (平 田 梨 奈)
  • Nana Fujita (藤田 奈 那)
  • Nao Furuhata (古 畑 奈 和)
  • Ami Maeda (前 田 亜 美)
  • Jurina Matsui (松井 珠 理 奈)
  • Miho Miyazaki (宫 崎 美 穂)
  • Tomu Muto (武 藤 十 梦)

Team B

  • Haruka Ishida (石田 晴 香)
  • Miori Ichikawa (市 川 美 织)
  • Misaki Iwasa (岩 佐 美 咲)
  • Ayaka Umeda (梅田 彩 佳)
  • Mina Oba (大 场 美 奈)
  • Miyu Omori (大 森 美 优)
  • Shizuka Ōya (大家 志 津 香)
  • Yuki Kashiwagi (柏木 由 纪)
  • Haruka Katayama (片 山 阳 加)
  • Rena Katō (加藤 玲奈)
  • Natsuki Kojima (小 嶋 菜 月)
  • Haruna Kojima (小 嶋 阳 菜)
  • Haruka Shimazaki (岛 崎 遥 香)
  • Aki Takajo (高 城 亜 树)
  • Miyu Takeuchi (竹 内 美 宥)
  • Miku Tanabe (田 名 部 生来)
  • Mariko Nakamura (中 村 麻 里 子)
  • Wakana Natori (名 取 稚 菜)
  • Misato Nonaka (野 中 美 郷)
  • Fujie Reina (藤江 れいな)
  • Suzuran Yamauchi (山 内 铃兰)
  • Miyuki Watanabe (渡 辺 美 优 纪)

Team 4

  • Hikari Hashimoto (桥本 耀)
  • Saho Iwatate (岩 立 沙 穂)
  • Natsuki Uchiyama (内 山 奈 月)
  • Ayano Umeta (梅田 绫 乃)
  • Ayaka Okada (冈田 彩 花)
  • Nana Okada (冈田 奈 々 )
  • Saki Kitazawa (北 泽 早 纪)
  • Mako Kojima (小 嶋 真 子)
  • Ayana Shinozaki (筱 崎 彩 奈)
  • Yurina Takashima (髙 岛 佑利奈)
  • Miki Nishino (西 野 未 姫)
  • Hikari Hashimoto (桥本 耀)
  • Mitsuki Maeda (前 田 美 月)
  • Minami Minegishi (峯岸 みなみ)
  • Yuiri Murayama (村 山 彩 希)
  • Shinobu Mogi (茂木 忍)

Kaigai Iseki

  • Sae Miyazawa (宫 泽 佐 江) ( SNH48 )
  • Mariya Suzuki (鈴木 まりや) ( SNH48 / AKB48 Team A )
  • Aki Takajo (高 城 亜 树) ( JKT48 / AKB48 Team B )
  • Haruka Nakagawa (仲 川 遥 香) ( JKT48 )
  • Rena Nozawa (野泽 玲奈) ( JKT48 / AKB Team K )


Studio albums



  • The single Sayonara crawl is with 1,762,873 units sold ( in CD format ), in the first week, the best-selling single worldwide and the sales figures refer only to Japan.

Standalone Units

  • No3b (pronounced No Sleeves ) (since September 2008): Haruna Kojima, Minami Takahashi, Minami Minegishi
  • Watarirōka Hashiritai (渡り廊下 走り 隊) → Watarirōka Hashiritai 7 (October 2008 -): Haruka Nakagawa, Ayaka Kikuchi, Aika Ōta, Mayu Watanabe, Hirajima Natsumi (until 2012 ), Mika Komori ( since 2011 ), Misaki Iwasa ( since 2011 )
  • French Kiss (フレンチ·キス) (since June 2010): Yuki Kashiwagi Asuka Kuramochi Aki Takajo
  • Not Yet (since January 2011): Yuko Oshima, Rie Kitahara, Rino Sashihara, Yui Yokoyama
  • Diva ( since April 2011): Akimoto Sayaka, Masuda Yuka, Miyazawa Sae, Umeda Ayaka; Dancers: Kasuya Satoko, Futami Yūki, Furukawa Atsuko, Ramu Fukuno, Yamagami Ayaka, Inoue Yuina
  • No Name ( since April 2012): Mayu Watanabe, Amina Satō, Haruka Ishida, Sumire Satō, Sayaka Nakaya, Karen Iwata Yagami Kumi, Sawako Hata, Mao Mita