Abu Abdallah Muhammad al-Amin (Arabic: أبو عبد الله محمد الأمين, Abū ʿ Abd Allāh Muḥammad DMG al - Amīn; * 787, † 813) was the sixth Abbasid Caliph ( 809-813 ).

Even 802 had divided the caliphate of Harun al-Rashid ( 786-809 ). While his son al-Amin should succeed him as Caliph and rule the Arab territories of the Reich, the son of al - Mamun were left to the Iranian Khorasan and Transoxiana areas. In addition, al - Mamun was established as the successor of al-Amin.

After the seizure of power by al-Amin ibn Harun ar - Rashid, it soon came to tensions with his brother when he circumvent the agreed succession al - Mamun and wanted to designate his minor son as his successor. In addition, al-Amin tried, as I al -Hadi ( 785-786 ), push back with the help of al -Fadl ibn ar - Rabi the influence of the Iranians, as these especially with al - Mamun sympathized.

The outbreak of the Civil War came when al-Amin 811 with an army pushed forward to Iran, but at Rayy al- Mamun's general Tahir was defeated. This defeat and the subsequent withdrawal led to riots in Baghdad. Especially the lower classes turned it against the great influence of the Iranians in the imperial administration. Despite some defeats Tahir could occupy 813 Baghdad and overthrow al-Amin.

  • Caliph ( Abbasid )
  • Born 787
  • Died 813
  • Man