Al Wefaq National Islamic Society

Al- Wefaq ( Jam'īyat al - Watani al - Wifaq al - Islamiyah ) is the name of a Shiite Islamic society in the Arab island state of Bahrain. It sees itself as the representative of the majority (65% ) in the royal house of a Sunni -ruled country. Chairman of Al- Wefaq is Sheikh Ali Salman, as the spiritual leader Ayatollah Isa Qassim applies.

While political parties are banned in Bahrain, but choice Communities allowed. In the parliamentary elections of 2006, the largest group Wefaq and was also won in October 2010, 18 of the 40 seats. It stands in opposition to the royal family, the skeptical of a democracy and support candidates of the Islamists. The Sunnis in turn accuse the Wefaq to sympathize with Iran, formerly ruled the country.

From the Wefaq, which represents moderate positions, the more radical Hakk movement split off. They also called for a boycott of the elections, because the Shiite population of Bahrain would still face discrimination.

The elections on 23 and 31 October 2010 were marred by strong contrasts. Websites and publications of the opposition were banned, the police arrested since August about 250 Shiite dissidents under " suspicion of terrorism " states what has been harshly criticized in demonstrations and human rights activists.

After independence it was not until 2002 - after 30 years and a new constitution - the first parliamentary elections, which were boycotted by the Wifak because of severe disabilities. The then disproportionately many Sunnis in the House have only selected a small majority, in both denominations were also some Independent candidates to parliament since 2010. This course is of less importance than the House of Lords - a Council body of the king, whose members are appointed by himself.