Alberndorf im Pulkautal

Silly im Pulkautal is a municipality with 714 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) in the district of Hollabrunn in Lower Austria.


Silly im Pulkautal lies in the wine district in Lower Austria. The area of ​​the municipality covers 9.86 square kilometers. 5.6 percent of the area is forested.

There are no other cadastral except Silly im Pulkautal.


Here is already a paleolithic hunting station from the time of the Aurignacian.

In the course of Babenberg securing the Grenzsaumes in Pulkautal after 1050, a follower Adalbero moved in the form of a " Althufe " to. At this farm were probably supplied settled around or after 1200 seven half fief. Only after Verbäuerlichung of the court by dividing by 1400 the wine was an important source of income. 1468 are 15 homes Herberg, 1590, there are already 51 houses all over the place.

Population Development


Mayor of the municipality is Johann Neubauer of the Heimaltliste Alberndorf ( HLA). Office manager is Marion Koran.

In the council, there are a total of 15 seats after the municipal elections of 14 March 2010, the following distribution of seats: HLA (home list Alberndorf ) 8, list ÖVP 5, 1 SPÖ, FPÖ 1

Culture and sights

The parish church of St. Lawrence is a 1786 erected hall building with a bell tower on the west side. The parish is incorporated to the Melk Abbey, so the milker coat of arms is the portal of the church attached. The high altar with an altarpiece of St. Lawrence, the classical pulpit of wood and marble baptismal font and the date from the time it was built.

Economy and infrastructure

Non-agricultural workplaces, there were 14 in 2001, agricultural and forestry holdings according to the 1999 survey 104 The number of persons employed at the residence was according to the 2001 census 323 The employment rate in 2001 was 44.17 percent.