Albert Gottschalk

Albert Gottschalk ( born July 3, 1866 in Stege, † February 13, 1906 in Frederiksberg) was a Danish painter.

He was born in Stege, but lived in Copenhagen later. Gottschalk had a close personal and artistic connection with the poets Johannes Jørgensen, Viggo Stuckenberg and Sophus Claussen.

Inspiration for his works he found in French art and the Danish painter PS Krøyer, who was his teacher for some time.

The ambitious Gottschalk had great technical skills and worked a long time with his motifs in his mind before he painted it. He sought the motives in Denmark and found them mostly near Copenhagen. His paintings often acted as quickly executed sketches, which was no recognition at that time. Only future generations praised his artistic skills.

Works by Albert Gottschalk are issued