Albert Schweitzer Tournament

The Albert Schweitzer Tournament (AST ) is a competition for basketball teams of male youth, which takes place every two years in Mannheim. The tournament is considered the unofficial world championship for the age group U18. Organized by German Basketball Association and the city of Mannheim.

By 2010, was the U.S. Army organizer, traditional venue was the U.S. Sports Arena on the grounds of the military base's of the United States in Mannheim. Since 2006 is a part of the games in the MWS Hall held on Herzogenried. After the withdrawal of the Americans since 2012, the MWS- central hall venue, a part of the game takes place in four home.


Initiators of the first Albert Schweitzer Tournament, which was held in December 1958 with eight teams and won by Belgium, the photographer Hans -Joachim babies and the German basketball pioneer Hermann Niebuhr, who won the evangelical theologian and physician Albert Schweitzer as a name were. By the following year, the second AST took place, then there was a break until 1966. From this point on the two- year cycle is established. 1991 had to be canceled because of the AST of the Second Gulf War. Since 1994, the AST will be held in even-numbered years. Thus, the organizers fit in the calendar of the World Basketball Association FIBA.

The Albert Schweitzer Tournament is an invitational tournament in which not all applications can be considered for the now 16 places. Record winners are the U.S. with ten titles to date, followed by Italy and Yugoslavia, both won three times.

Winners of the 25th Albert Schweitzer Tournament, which took place from 3 to 10 April 2010 was Australia, with the 68:51 prevailed in the final against Germany and his first tournament victory celebrated. Also for Germany means the second place, the best result so far in the AST. With 28 763 spectators the record attendance of 2008 was just missed.


The Albert Schweitzer Tournament is an important date for basketball experts from all over the world, because here meet the best talent from the best nations. For many dominant player of American professional league NBA such as Magic Johnson, Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Vince Carter, Arvydas Sabonis, Hidayet Türkoglu, Mehmet Okur, Pau Gasol and Toni Kukoč the AST was at the beginning of her career.

List of winners

  • 2010: Australia
  • 2012: Spain