Mehmet Okur

Mehmet " Memo" Okur ( born May 26, 1979 in Yalova, Turkey ) is a former professional basketball player who played 2002-2012 in the NBA. 2012 Okur finished his career with the Portland Trail Blazers. During his NBA he played for the Detroit Pistons, Utah Jazz and New Jersey Nets.

Mehmet Okur has grown up in the youth of Turkish traditional club Efes Pilsen Istanbul. From a young age he enjoyed success with the Turkish U 22, 1997 when he had a big part in the World Championships, Junior World Champion that the Turks were. He was Vice-European Champion in 2001 with the Turkish national team. In the finals, they lost to Serbia and Montenegro Predrag Stojaković. His professional career began in 1997 Oyak. From 1998 to 1999, Mehmet Okur played at Tofas Bursa. There he won with the team twice, the Turkish championship. 2000 to 2001 he played with Efes Pilsen. This brought 2001 Turkish Cup, before he was drafted in the same year the 38th of the Detroit Pistons. He had his first use of the following year. Two seasons he completed for the Pistons, with whom he won the 2004 NBA title. Because of the salary cap in the NBA, the Detroit Pistons were not in a position to meet his salary demand and had to let him go to the Utah Jazz. There he signed a six year contract with a salary of 50 million U.S. dollars.

For a basketball player his size ( 2.11 m; 119 kg ) Memo has a good throwing technique. The 2005/2006 season was his most successful season. He was the only player of his team, the (82 games) participated in all meetings. Also in the 2004/2005 season he already took part in every game, but started only sporadically. He was 05/ 06 both top scorer and best rebounder of his team. He has his average of 12.9 points per game to 18.0 points per game in the category rebounds improved in the category points his average from 7.5 to 9.1. In the season 2005/2006er get Memo 15 double - doubles. This was one of the Topanwärter on the award " NBA Most Improved Player of the Year".

Mehmet Okur was subsequently nominated as the first Turkish player ever for the NBA All-Star Game in 2007. " Memo" is by Adrian Dantley ( 1980-82, '84 -86 ), Mark Eaton (1989 ), Rickey Green ( 1984), Andrei Kirilenko (2004 ), Karl Malone ( 1988-02 ), Pete Maravich ( 1977-79 ), Len " Truck" Robinson (1978 ), John Stockton ( 1989-97, '00) and Carlos Boozer (2007) only the tenth player in jazz history, featured on the list.

The coming years brought Okur, as during takeoff Centre, constant good performances for the Jazz. Because of Achilles injury, Okur graduated in the 2010/11 season only 13 games. His career statistics in points ( 4.9 points per game) and rebounds ( 2.3 rebounds per game ) fell to a career low.

Due to the NBA lockout 2011 Okur signed a contract with the Turkish club Türk Telekomspor. This agreement was valid until the end of the lockout. On December 23, 2011 Okur was transferred in exchange for a future second-round draft pick to the New Jersey Nets. For the Nets Okur played until March 2012 and was traded on March 16, 2012 from the Nets to the Portland Trail Blazers, for he never went aground, but soon released.