Alberto Fermín Zubiría

Alberto Fermín Zubiría Urtiague ( born October 9, 1901 in Montevideo, † October 4, 1971 ) was a Uruguayan politician.

Zubiría belonged to the Partido Colorado. He studied law at the Law Faculty of the Universidad de la República and graduated in 1926 from the owner. First career step in his had begun in 1920 political career was a member of the Asamblea Representativa 1923-1925. From 15 February 1932, he sat up on the coup in 1933 and the consequent dissolution of the House of Representatives on 31 March as a deputy for the department of Montevideo in selbigem. From 15 February 1943 to 1 March 1947, he again had held a parliamentary seat in the Cámara de Representantes. As a result, he took over during the tenure of President Tomás Berreta 1947-1948, the minister for labor and industry, to then act as Minister of the Interior from 1948 to 1950. In the early 1950s he was then President of the Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay. Since his election in 1954 he was a member of the National Council. On 1 March 1956 he was followed by Luis Batlle Berres of the chairmanship of the Consejo Nacional de Gobierno after and was at that time President of the Republic. He was replaced on March 1, 1957 by Arturo Lezama in this position. In 1966 he was elected to the Uruguayan Senate, but he joined this office as a result of his retirement not to.