Alexandre Guy Pingré

Alexandre Guy pingre ( born September 4 in 1711 in Paris, † May 1, 1796 ) was a French astronomer.

At the age of sixteen years pingre entered the Order of Augustinian canons and was from 1735 to 1745 professor of theology at Senlis, and later an astronomer in Rouen and worked in Paris since 1751.

Pingre traveled in 1760 and 1769 to India and America to observe Venus passages can. Since 1757 he also dealt with the theory and calculation of comets and their orbits. He calculated his time alone as many comets, like all the other astronomers of Europe put together.

The lunar crater pingre is named after him.


  • Cométographie. 2 vols Paris ( 1783), Pingrés main work
  • L' Histoire du 17e siècle astronomy. Paris (1790 ); the work remained unfinished.