All-Russia Exhibition Centre

The All-Russia Exhibition Centre ( VVC ) (Russian ВВЦ - Всероссийский выставочный центр, English transcribed VVC. ) Is located in Moscow on Prospekt Mira, near the metro station " VDNKh ".

The terrain with a series of thematic pavilion was created in 1939 as All-Union Agricultural Exhibition ( WSChW ) and was initially to 1941 in operation. During the Second World War, the exhibition was closed and was reopened with reconstructed and newly built pavilions on August 1, 1954.

For season 1959, the agricultural show went on in the exhibition of national achievements of the USSR ( VDNKh ) (Russian Выставка достижений народного хозяйства СССР, ВДНХ ) at an expanded territory. It was intended as a show of the achievements of socialism and was in the Soviet Union as a showpiece that demonstrated the power of the Soviet planned economy.

In about one hundred partly lavish pavilions exhibits were from different regions and countries, but also to various areas of the economy. Special recognition was awarded to the pavilion for space travel. Here copies of the Sputnik satellite, training equipment for the preparation of cosmonauts, space suits and parts of the Soyuz rockets could be visited.

After perestroika

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the pavilions have been removed and rented area as a market - stood at the Muscovites VDNKh long time mainly for the purchase of consumer electronics. As part of the commercialization, the Center received its current name VVC ( ВВЦ ). The metro station was not renamed.

The strikingly designed actual Cosmonaut Museum with the monument To the Conquerors of Space is still available. It lies between the Metrostatioj VDNKh and the main entrance to the property and shows in addition to technical equipment and historical documentaries graphics and art with reference to astronautics, supplemented by annually changing theme exhibitions.

Are mounted on the showground or in its vicinity also:

  • The formerly ( until the establishment of the London Eye ), with 70 m largest Ferris wheel in Europe,
  • The Fountain of International Friendship, who was regarded as a symbol of the Soviet multinational state,
  • Many more artistically designed fountains,
  • The well-known monument Worker and Kolkhoz Woman by Vera Mukhina in front of the north entrance.

Exhibition Square VVC

Since 2005, the center is expanded as an exhibition space. It housed 2006 trade fairs and exhibitions, including the International Trade Fair in German cooperation. Announced for 2007 were " LIFT EXPO Russia" for elevator technology ( 16 to 19 May 2007) and "Russia Education Week " ( 3 to 6 October 2007), which dealt inter alia with IT in education.

Central Pavilion, 2006

Cosmos Pavilion - decorated in 2006, again by a Vostok

The Fountain of International Friendship, in the background of the Armenian Pavilion, 2004