VDNKh (Moscow Metro)

VDNKh (Russian ВДНХ pronunciation? / I ) is the name of a station of the Moscow Metro on the Kaluschsko - Rischskaja line. At the opening of the station on 1 May 1958, she was the northernmost station of the new " Rischskaja - line ", which led from the station " Prospekt Mira " to " VDNKh ".

In the first months after its opening, the station was named WSChW, the abbreviation for the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition (Russian Всесоюзная Сельскохозяйственная Выставка, ВСХВ ). As of December 12, 1959, it was after the exhibition of achievements of national economy of the USSR ( VDNKh ) (Russian Выставка достижений народного хозяйства СССР, ВДНХ ) named an exhibition of achievements of socialism, which was intended as a demonstration of the power of the Soviet planned economy.

With 53.5 m VDNKh is one of the deepest stations of the Moscow Metro. It was built to a design by the architects I. Gocharai - Charmandarjan, J. Cherepanov, Ivan Taranov and Nadezhda Bykova. It was originally planned, the station similar to other stations that were built in the 1950s to decorate along the insides of the arches with mosaics of Vladimir Faworski. As a result of Nikita Khrushchev's attack on the decorative " extras" that mosaics were roughly painted over with green paint. The station has clad with white marble pillars and round ventilation grille. On September 29, 1978, the 8.1 km long extension to the north was handed over to " Medvedkovo " their determination.

The original round entrance building is located on the west side of the " Prospekt Mira ", before the Museum of Cosmonautics. A second entrance was opened at the southern end of the station in 1997.

With a daily passenger volume of 137,000 passengers, the VDNKh is one of the busiest stations of the Moscow Metro. It has a transition to the monorail Monorail Moscow

1991 and 1992 there were projects to rename the station " Wystawotschnaja " ( Выставочная ) or " Rostokino " ( Ростокино ) which have not been realized.